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tasmanian museum & art gallery
January-march 2017

For 3 months, we will be exhibiting the Tasmanian Project in our home state of Tasmania. With an estimated 150,000+ visitors expected over the busy summer period, the outreach of this exhibit can not be underestimated. From local school groups thought to the many cruse ships that berth just a few hundred meters away from the museum, we couldn't be happier with the broad reach of this exhibit.  

NZ Tree Project Exhibit Wellington NZ
January 2017

Pataka Art + Museum Wellington, New Zealand will host for the month of January our NZ Tree Project content. The NZ team has put in a solid effort hanging and presenting the works and this is our first exhibit in the NZ capital.

royal society of victoria Melbourne
March 2017

As soon as we pull the images from the wall of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery we are transporting them to Melbourne. The content will be exhibited at the Royal Society of Victoria headquarters.

Penang Mangrove Project
March 2017

The team has been invited by researchers at Universit Sains Malaysia to document the secretive world of the Malaysian mangroves. Here we will explore the environment and ecology that surrounds these often overlooked, but essential ecosystems.

APRIL 2017

Penang Hill is home to one of the rarest kauri tree on the globe, these trees grow in abundance at Penang Hill. We aim to create a project that has these kauri trees as its centre piece to help emphasise Penang Hill as a hotspot from old world tropical ecology and destination for ecotourism.

Taiwan Tree Project
April-May 2017

Taiwan is home to truly enormous conifers which reach more than 70 metres into the sky. The Tree Project team will be joining forces with leading researchers from Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. We plan on expanding on our media coverage with a proposal to to involve Taipei TV in the documentary process. The Taiwan Tree Project with be geared towards a board reaching public awareness TV project focusing on the beauty and ecology of these secretive giants.

Tree project exhibit headon photography festival sydney
may 2017

We have been invited to display our work as part of Australias biggest photography festival, HEADON. We have secured a exceptionally well placed gallery in Darlinghurst which will receive thousands of walk past visitors. We have already begun planning a launch event and and artist talk during the 2 week festival.


Jen and Steve have been invited by the enthusiastic developers of a UNESCO Biosphere project on Penang Island Malaysia to undertake and epiphyte survey. Penang has a very long colonial history but the islands mountainous interior has many yet to be explored pockets. The Bioblitz has the goal of recording as many species as possible from the incredibly diverse ecosystem.

Borneo Tree Project
October-November 2017

Malaysian Borneo is home to the tallest tropical rainforest trees in the world with secret groves of giants still being discovered. Several Dipterocarp species regularly grow over seventy metres tall, yet are under threat from rapid deforestation. Later in 2017 the team in hoping to travel to Danum Valley research station to document one of these trees. For the Bornean Tree Project we are planning on directly aligning the project with several dedicated environmental groups.