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Rebirth of the Giants
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70x50cm approximate size and printed on Cranston 100% platinum cotton fibre rag with durable archival ink. This paper and ink process is the exact same as our museum prints. The print will be printed by our exclusive print partners in Hobart and posted to you express in a reinforced mail tube. We ship worldwide.

After a request from a fan we've added this image to our online store. Its an aerial image looking dow onto a patch of quickly regenerating Eucalyptus regnans after a major disturbance back in 2002-2003. Its a shocking fact that E regnans can have up to 1,000,000 seedlings per hectare after such a disturbance.

The tree does indeed thrive on these disturbances and while we humans might judge a disturbed landscape as horrible or devastated we at The Tree Projects see them a great opportunity. An opportunity for the next generation of giants to begin their journey skywards. Of course not all environments like this disturbance in face few do but our eucalypts seem to love it.


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