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TAIWAN TREE PROJECT 🇹🇼. The monumental task of editing 👨‍💻📸 continues. The best part of the editing process is the constant feeling of REALLY wanting to go climb a tree. I mean how could you not when you get to the look at these type of images all night. #naturelovers #tree #treeporn #tree_magic #scicomm #arborist #arblife #treecare #treeclimbing #naturephotography #climbing #taiwan #tree_perfection ----

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Published on the Bob Brown Foundation Blog

The Bob Brown Foundation published a blog of our experience in logging coup FR41A. We lent our support by creating our RRALA TAKAYNA Portrait now gifted to the foundation. We also had super fun sleeping up in the tree tops thx Big Wall Gear
*** Here's an excerpt *** - "We’re not, I have to say, protestors. We love trees and have been working hard over the last 2 years to raise awareness of the world's big trees but we're quite moderate in our approach. However, though our love of forests and our work promoting significant trees we....." 

Read the full blog at the BBF Blog HERE

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The Tarkine Tree Project is a collaboration with the Bob Brown Foundation. Our goal is to raise awareness of this threatened forest.

milangkani rrala takayna-ta are the  words of the Tasmanian Aborigines, the original owners and continuing custodians of this remote and rugged land. Translated, it means “growing strong at takayna”. 

This Myrtle Beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii) is inside logging coupe FR41A, in Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness. This tree and surrounding old growth forest are currently under threat from logging. Below is the location and key to finding, knowing, and understanding rrala takayna, a supreme individual that represents what we all have, an opportunity to celebrate or to destroy our heritage. 

Our goal for this project is to let the world see the beauty of one individual tree inside this threatened forest. By seeing just this one tree in its complete form we hope to convey that sense of magic and connectivity that we feel while climbing into these towers. We want to show this tree and this forest as being something that shouldn't be destroyed for a short term political process

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