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Dr Jen Sanger tree climbing in a Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor)

Dr Jen Sanger tree climbing in a Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor)

Over the last 2 months we have been traveling in the rugged south west of Australia. Our main objectives are to document and create a tree portrait of a Red Tingle and a Karri.

Steven Pearce

Media Release 10-12-2018

A momentous milestone was surpassed last week when two Tasmanians, Steven Pearce from The Tree Projects and Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness from Giant Tree Expeditions, used state of art laser range-finders to remeasure Australia's tallest tree, named Centurion.

They found that the tree now measures 100.5 metres. Tasmania now joins Northern California in holding the only trees over 100m in height on the planet.

We have prepared a Field Report that details our methodology which uses a standardised practice for measuring tree height. This includes much work to establish a median ground level between the upslope and downslope side of the tree.

Email thetreeprojects@gmail.com for access to the Media Release, Field report and image library.


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HUMBLING EXPERIENCE in Giant Sequoia 🌲❤️🇺🇸

The majesty of Giant Sequoia is apparent in every respect from the ground. However, ascending into their complex structure with trembling knees and a tight grip on the rope is something even greater. Experiencing the 2500 year old structure and complexity of this living breathing organism leaves you speechless.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive hosted a life-changing event and Expedition Old Growth facilitated the climb of this remarkable tree. These guys carry out some of the most critical work ensuring these giants don't succumb to climate chance driven extinction... Note the raging fire just a few miles away and desperately dry understory surrounding these trees.

Cheack out their work

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Bellingen Tree Project - 💥 EPIC WIN 💥

"Blackbutt Portrait Before Loggers Arrive"

Was the headline on an article in the Saturday edition of The Coffs Coast Advocate. This is more than a local newspaper, this is one of the last papers in Australia to be DELIVERED for FREE to EVERY RESIDENT each SATURDAY. Effectively getting the issue of old growth logging into every household in the region. 

We couldn't have hoped for a better communication result as this reached out to the entire community as one. 

77% of local residents have read the newspaper each week. The paper reaches 70% of Coffs Coast residents and has an engaged audience of 71,000 each week. The article was also shared on their FB page more than 1300 times!

Thanks to Kai Wild from Kai Wild Tree Care for his most grandest of help with the project. Rowan Wayan for sowing the seed and getting it all started. All the crew at the Bellingen Environment Centreespecially Jonas Bellchambers Yasmin Maher Monique Kahya Dave Pfister

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Power woman Lily Leahy’s PhD project in the Australian Wet Tropics investigates how rainforest species are exposed to different forest microclimates and whether that could influence their vulnerability to climate change.

Covering a mountain gradient from sea to summit, the project compares ants living on the ground in contrast to ants living in the tree canopy, and ants active in the day compared to the night. This will help us to understand how different ecological strategies might provide opportunities for ants, and other rainforest species, to respond to climate change in the future.

The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate with significant consequences for global biodiversity. Tropical species are expected to be highly sensitive to climate change.

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