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Tree Stats

HEIGHT 69.0m
Circumference 9.5m
Elevation 2010m asl
Aspect South West
Location Chilan Major Wildlife Habitat

Image stats

Original Images 43
Editing hours 115
Revisions 2
Dimensions 116x56cm at 300 dpi
File size (final) 1.8Gb
File size (editing) 36Gb
Photoshop layers 76

Honor Role

Rebecca Hsu 徐嘉君
Brian Chiu 邱騰榮
Herbart Hsu 徐啟能
Jih-yuh Luo羅際煜
Vera Lan 藍永如
Sky Lan 藍永翔
Shan-Yi Liu 劉炫億
Kuan-Chieh Liu 劉冠杰
Wan-Jun Lin林宛君
Kuo-Ming Fu 傅國銘
Chin-Yuan Ke 柯金源
Hon-Long Hsu 許鴻龍


台灣杉三姊妹 (The Three Sisters)

These 3 trees are a unique cluster growing closely together, high in the mountains in north-eastern Taiwan. Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides) is native to Taiwan, Myanmar, western China and Vietnam. It grows high in the mountains and can reach impressive heights of over 72.9 m tall. This 72.9m specimen was discovered and measures in late September 2019!

With the help of many local climbers, scientists, photographers and filmmakers, The Tree Projects team traveled deep into the mountains of Taiwan. Our aim was to capture the portrait of the unique Three Sisters. With the help of Taiwan’s professional rescue team we quickly installed our camera rigging system into the trees and waited for the right conditions to photograph the tree. It can rain a lot in the mountains of Taiwan, but eventually a wonderful mist rolled in. We were able to capture a perfect image of this tree with a beautiful mist behind it. 

Our Taiwan Project was a huge success, selling over 10,000 posters. We were able to contribute a significant amount of funds to a local environmental group by donating half of our profits to the charity. 

Our portrait has been exhibited in: National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei botanic garden, National geographical magazine Taiwan & Hong Kong (cover story), National Chung Hsing University anniversary, a coming childrens book, Taiwan Public TV and countless TV news articles. We also places 7th in the annual Taiwan National Design Awards 2017 and a documentary that was produced about the She-Pa national park won a Taiwan Emmy for best documentary.


The Setup video