Steven Pearce - Creative Director

Steven is a renowned, award-winning photographer who specialises in wilderness and adventure photography. Steve was the creative director for the New Zealand Tree Project and was the driving force behind all of the deliverable content. Willing to push the boundaries and embrace the latest technologies, Steve is able to deliver content that is unique, beautiful and inspiring. As an avid tree climber and a passionate naturalist, he has spent over 10 years documenting forests, the canopy of trees and the scientists who study them. He was nominated by New Zealand Geographic for New New Zealand Photographer of the Year award and was also a finalist in the 2014 International Travel Photographer of the Year Awards for his work in Eastern Greenland .


Jennifer Sanger - Project Co-ordaintor

Jennifer is a passionate plant ecologist as well as science outreach coordinator.  She has spent many years studying rainforests and the charismatic plant species which inhabit them. As an epiphyte ecologist and passionate tree climber, she has spent countless hours exploring the canopies of rainforest trees around the world. Jennifer was also a Project Co-ordinator for the New Zealand Tree Project. She has successfully run many other field expeditions in the tropics of Queensland, the snowy highlands of Tasmania and the montane cloud forests of Panama.


Yoav Daniel Bar-Ness – Research Climber

Yoav is a research tree climber and outreach ecologist with fifteen years’ experience working in some of the world's tallest and largest trees. He has been involved in many treetop forest projects producing scientific discoveries, deliverable outputs, and community engagement, in many of the world's superlative forest trees:  the massive rainforest evergreens of the Northwestern USA, the giant banyans of tropical India, the famous kauris of New Zealand, the tropical rainforests of New Caledonia and many more. He currently publishes the free online magazine Tasmanian Geographic and actively encourages science outreach, outdoor explorations, and adventure science. Find out more at 


Tom Watson - Lead Climber, POV Cameras

Tom is a fully qualified arborist and spends much of his spare time volunteering on environmental projects all over Australia and well regarded within the international arborist community. He has been climbing trees and cliffs over the world for more than a decade  but now calls Tasmania home. He has recently found great opportunity with his dramatic tree top video work a where he takes the viewer on a journey into the worlds trees.


Dr Sam Wood - Forestry Science

Sam is an ecologist who has been researching pattern and process in Australian forests for fourteen years. After a stint in NSW investigating the carbon dynamics of the picturesque Spotted Gum forests, Sam moved to Tasmania to complete his PHD on the moorlands and rainforests of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Since then he has been travelling Australia establishing tree-growth plots in tall forests and looking at the effect of fire on the endemic conifers of Tasmania. Sam has published a range of scientific papers based on the age, growth and ecology of the remarkable Eucalyptus regnans forests. 


Dan Haley - Support Climber & Rigging

Dan has more outdoor qualifications than you can poke a stick at. He provided essential and high spirited climbing support throughout the project and also is A grade camp cook.


Stuart Liddell - Filmmaker & Producer

Stuart is a filmmaker, camera operator and editor who has worked 10 years in the industry.  He recently went around Australia shooting and editing a the special “Love Your Sister” for network 10 and has worked extensively filming music festivals, theatre and arts productions.  He resides in Alice Springs as a documentary filmmaker and collaborator in inter-cultural arts.


Dr Steve Harwin - Spatial Science, Mapping & Arials

Steve is passionate about environmental monitoring, mapping and research. Steve recently completed a PhD in Spatial Science focusing on 3D mapping with drones. Steve is currently a researcher with the TerraLuma Drone Research Team ( at the University of Tasmania. Steve's research focuses on fine scale landform change monitoring with drones, photogrammetry, LiDAR and remote sensing. Steve is a licensed UAV pilot (multi-rotor and fixed wing) and has over ten years’ experience as a GIS and web mapping specialist and spatial software engineer.